FAQ's - General


How can I get a refund?

RPM will issue a refund for a product with a manufacturer's defect.  It is solely at the discretion of RPM to determine if a product is defective.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Most in-stock items will ship within 1 business day.  Custom orders can take up to 3 weeks to process before shipping.  RPM ships via USPS and can take from 2-10 days to arrive once shipped.

Where do I find Nitro Nation?

RPM Nitro Nation is our Facebook group.  There are over 1,000 members that are sharing tips, tricks, questions and just generally bragging about everything RPM and bowfishing.

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Does RPM have a Pro-Staff?

We do not currently have a Pro-Staff.  We are a small company and just don't have the manpower to develop and monitor such an involved program.  If we change our mind, you'll see it announced on our social media.

How do I become a dealer?

For a dealer application and terms, please send an email with your business information to:


How do I maintain my RPM gear?

We have a whole YouTube channel of videos on the care and maintenance of all your RPM gear.

RPM YouTube Channel

FAQ's - Bows


Is the riser on the Nitro and Striker drilled and tapped for all normal accessories?

The riser on both bows includes holes for a rest, sight and stabilizer.

How can I correct a string limb that is casting to one side on my Striker?

First, make sure that the 4 spacers are on the correct side of the limb (on the left side for right handed bow and on the right side for left handed bow).  

Then, ensure the spacers are placed correctly on the axles.

Please see the YouTube video for full instructions.

RPM YouTube Channel

How do I fix "popping" sound when I draw my Nitro?

This should be an easy fix.  Here's the steps:

1) Make sure the bow is within factory draw weight for your bow.  (Standard = 35-55lb, MAG = 55-75lb, Lite = 20-35#

2) Check all fasteners for tension and tighten if necessary.

3) Check for timing/tiller.

4) Check to see if the cables are rubbing on the cams (you'll see scrape marks).  If they are, realign the energy limb and hinge.

5) Make sure there is enough lube at the end of the limbs, inside the limb pockets.

6) Check the Energy limbs for cracking.

What is the length of the bowstring?

The length of the standard string on both the Nitro and Striker is 42.5"

The length of the XL string on both the Nitro and Striker is 44"

What are the limbs made of?

The energy limbs are Gordon Glass.

The string limbs come standard in wood laminate.  There is also a carbon composite upgrade available.

Can you change the limbs to increase draw weight or length?


You can change the energy limbs on a Nitro and Striker to increase/decrease the draw weight.

To change the draw length, you need to change the string limbs as well as the  cables and the bowstring.